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What is it?

Data Engineering on cloud is the practice of planning, building, and maintaining scalable database systems to store, manage, and process the data for subsequent analysis


Should possess good operational knowledge of computers | Database knowledge | | Basic understanding of concepts of programming | Cloud platforms | Must have decent communication skills

What will you learn?

| Python | AWS | Azure | GCP | Flask | Django | Automation | ETL | Big data | SQL | | MongoDB | Docker | GIT |

What future holds?

Data Engineering is future-proof due to the growing data volumes, evolving technologies, and its pivotal role in data-driven decision-making across industries, along with the increasing importance of cloud computing and automation.

Career Outcomes

Cloud Data Engineer (CDE)

A Cloud Data Engineer designs and manages data infrastructure on cloud platforms, ensuring efficient data storage, processing, and accessibility. They create and maintain data pipelines, making data available for analysis and decision-making within organizations.

salary range

5 LPA – 17 LPA

Cloud Solutions Architecture

A Cloud Solutions Architect designs and implements cloud-based solutions that meet an organization's needs. They ensure the efficient integration of cloud technologies, assess requirements, and make architectural decisions to optimize performance, security, and scalability in the cloud environment.

salary range

10 LPA – 33 LPA

Big Data Engineer

A Big Data engineer designs, builds, and manages the infrastructure and systems for handling and processing large volumes of data. They create data pipelines, optimize data storage, and ensure data reliability for analytics and business insights.

salary range

4 LPA – 14 LPA

Cloud Security Engineer

A Cloud Security Engineer is responsible for safeguarding an organization's cloud-based systems and data from security threats and breaches. They design and implement security measures, monitor for vulnerabilities, and ensure compliance with security best practices in cloud environments.

salary range

7 LPA – 17 LPA