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What is it?

DevOps is a software environment where the developers collaborate with IT operations & other teams to improve on the quality, security & support. When this process happens online, it’s called ‘Cloud DevOps’.


| Should possess good operational knowledge of computers | High-level understanding of concepts in Python | Awareness of DevOps principles | Moderate communication skills |

What will you learn?

| CI/CD | IaC | Microservices architecture | Containerizations | DevOps Culture and Practices | | Agile Methodology | Scrum | Version Control Systems (VCS) |

What future holds?

As businesses increasingly prioritize agility and innovation, DevOps remains a pivotal strategy for sustained success in the future of technology. This approach ensures continuous delivery, rapid adaptation to changes, and enhanced efficiency in software development.

Career Outcomes

DevOps Engineer

A DevOps Engineer focuses on automating and streamlining the software development and deployment processes. They bridge the gap between development and operations, ensuring efficient, reliable, and continuous delivery of software

salary range

12 LPA – 33 LPA

DevOps Consultant

A DevOps consultant provides expertise to organizations in implementing DevOps practices and tools to streamline software development and operations. They assess existing processes, recommend improvements, and guide teams in adopting DevOps methodologies.

salary range

6 LPA – 16 LPA

Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)

A Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) is responsible for maintaining and optimizing the reliability, performance, and scalability of a company's systems and services. They use a combination of software engineering and IT operations to ensure seamless and resilient operations.

salary range

8 LPA – 21 LPA

Integration Specialist

An Integration Specialist is responsible for connecting and aligning different software applications and systems within an organization. They design, implement, and manage integration solutions to ensure seamless data flow and communication between various IT systems.

salary range

10 LPA – 15 LPA