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Ferilion Labs

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What is it?

It is the process of building, deploying, and maintaining web applications and websites using Python programming language and its dependent frameworks, databases on server side.


Good operational knowledge of computers | Basic understanding of concepts in Python | | Must have decent communication skills |

What will you learn?

| Python | DSA | OOPs | Debugging | HTML | CSS | Java Script | Django | MVC/MVT | Flask | SQL | | PostgreSQL | My SQL | Scrum | Jenkins | Agile Methodology | VCS | GIT |

What future holds?

Python’s readability, huge set of libraries makes it beginner-friendly and easy to use. Since, it’s a general-purpose programming language, at least in near future, it wouldn’t run out of use-cases making it an ideal choice to begin and sustain your programming career on.

Career Outcomes

Software Development Engineer

A python developer is responsible for planning and building web applications and software, testing, maintaining, Python programming language, necessary frameworks and databases, and optimizing them using based on the client-requirements.

salary range

8 LPA – 12 LPA

Data Engineer

Data engineering involves creating systems to gather, store, and analyze large-scale data across diverse industries to make data readily accessible for further analysis by data professionals. It ensures data is efficiently prepared for data scientists and analysts.

salary range

6 LPA – 14 LPA

Data Scientist

Data science involves utilizing a multidisciplinary approach, including math, statistics, AI, and computer engineering, to analyze extensive data, deriving valuable insights for businesses. It helps address questions about past, present, future events, and actionable strategies based on data analysis.

salary range

7 LPA – 19 LPA

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineers are skilled programmers who create self-running software for predictive models, leveraging large data sets to build algorithms capable of learning and making predictions. They continually improve the software's performance by analyzing data, conducting tests, and optimizing the learning process.

salary range

5 LPA – 13 LPA